Admissions Policy 

Student acceptance is based on a decision by an Admissions Committee after thorough review of a complete application packet with all documentation provided by a family and previous school(s).  Final grade placement is at the discretion of the Admissions Committee with the goal of setting each child up for success.  Abbey Preparatory Academy reserves the right to adjust and/or modify course offerings, selections and/or combination of classes at each grade level based on final enrollment. Only those students with an up-to-date immunization record, a copy of a birth certificate (for Kindergarten and younger), pastoral form and social security number will be accepted for final enrollment and permitted to attend class.


Residence All Abbey Preparatory Academy students must live with a parent, legal guardian, or parent designee throughout their enrollment at Abbey Preparatory Academy.


Transfers Students who transfer from other Christian schools must have all previous accounts paid. Only those high school students with a valid transcript will be given credit for courses completed. Students will not be permitted to attend class unless the school receives an official transcript.  Courses completed at Abbey Preparatory Academy will be included on our transcript.